Chile Information

While Chile has recently been called the safest country in South America, over taking Costa Rica, a small amount of caution still needs to be made when planning a trip to Chile. The easiest way to avoid all problems is to join us on one of our full custom or itinerary based trips where you will have a English or American guide with you at all times to make sure every part of trip runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Volcano Viarrica

We also require that all customer email us a photo copy of thier travel and or medical insurance so that in the event of a accident, however minor, we can sort out all medical expenses as quickly and easily as possible. For those of you planning on spending time before or after your trip in Chile we advise you to have at least a basic understanding of Spanish. Very few Chileans speak or understand English. Chile does not offer many multi-day trips due to the steepness and short width of the Andes Mountains. This means that most drainages have awesome paddleable rivers for people of all abilities from class 2-3 to clean class 5 and everything in between.

One of the Kayak Chile trucks high in the Andes mountains in between Chile and Argentina