Boat Rental

Below is a list of all our boats currently available to rent at present

Reserve yours early to garante the boat you want waiting for you when you arrive.
This is because popular models were fully booked all seaon last year and January and Febuary are peak season.
To confirm a booking pay a $20 deposit via paypal and your boat will not be rented to anyone else on the days you have requested.

A customer dropping in on the first drop of the 7 teacups (Siete Tazas)

boat $20 per day
$100 per week
boat and paddle $30 per day
$175 per week
boat paddle and full white water equiptment $40 per day
$250 per week

Fran a Kayak Chile safety kayaker and coach hitting the meat of the Mundaka hole on the Futa Leufu

Boats ect can be collected from our office in Pucon or sent via courier to any bus station in chile no further south than Peuto Monte.
(This fee is extra email for details)
Rental is by the day or by the week and the boat must be returned by 9pm to avoide another days rent.
Broken or lost boats are the responsability of the renter and have to be replaced with the same model or a fee of $750 paid as kayaks are hard to find down here and all are boats are needed at some times in the year.

A Kayak Chile group at the bottom of Salto Los Novios on the Gol Gol

Wavesport Project 52
Wavesport EZG med
Wavesport ZG med

Wavesport Diesel 65
Wavesport Diesel 75
Wavesport Diesel 80
Wavesport Habitat 80

Riot Nitro 56

Riot Air 55
Dagger Agent 6.3

Dagger Kingpin 6.3

Dagger Nomad 8.5

Dagger Mamba 7.0

Necky Vibe

Perception Java

LL Jefe

LL Jefe Grande

LL Remix 69

LL Remix 79

LL Gus

LL Vision 44

Pyrahna Kanarli M
Pyrahna Burn M
Pyrahna Burn L

Pyrahna Everest

Pyrahna Ammo L

Pyrahna Ammo S

Pyrahna Z one M

We also have more than one of some of the popular models.

A Kayak Chile customer nails the last drop on the waterfall section of the Rio Fuy