Boat Information

As we all know flying with a kayak is becoming more and more difficult. Due to this, Kayak Chile has a selection of over 20 boats to choose from. Rental prices are included on all custom and itinerary based trips. Below is a list of our current selection of kayaks, if we don’t have a boat to suit let us know when you book your trip and chances are we will be able to find the boat you want. However if you are happy flying with your kayak feel free to bring it on your trip. Our shop in Pucon may well buy it from you before you leave, if you do not want to travel home with it.

Ben May the owner of Kayak Chile enjoys the pistola wave on the Futa Leufu


Dagger Mamba 8.0

Dagger Mamba 8.6

Pyranha Burn L

Wavesport diesel 80

Wavesport diesel 65

LL remix 69

LL remix 79

EXO T-rex


EXO XT creek



LL Jefe

LL Jefe Grande

Pyranha 9R

Pyranha Everest


Rio Nivado