23 Febuary-29 Febuary

23 Febuary-29 Febuary
Day 8-14 Futa Leufu rafting experience
$2500 including everything except flights and alcohol
The flight from Chieten is included
arrival/departure airport Peuto Monte Chile

Day 8
Those of you with us for just a week will depart from Peuto Mont airport and the rest of you will fly to the small Patagonian town of Chieten the gate way to the Legendary Futa Lefu. Where our transport will be waiting to take you to our camp for the next week at the take out of the Macaul section of the Futa Leufu, where a Chilean home cooked meal will be awaiting you in our private dining room. Followed by a night at camp with the option of using the sauna or just chilling in the quincho by the fire.

Day 9
A days rafting on the bridge to bridge section of the Futa Leufu the most commercially run part of the river with plenty of continuos punchy rapids to show you the force of this truly amazing river. Followed by more delicious home cooked Chilean food prepared by the owner of the our base camp at the Futa Lefu.

Day 10
A days rafting on the Terminator section on the Futa Leufu, although this section is less continuos than yesterdays it does hold one of the longest and steepest rapids on the river the Terminator will have scared for days after. Then back to camp for a full Chilean lamb asado (BBQ) prepared by our guides and cooks.

Day 11
A days rafting in the Inferno Canyon of the Futa Lefu the most inexsesable part of this awesome river. This is truly a special place and can only be accessed in low water. After the canyon plenty more action comes in the form of Throne Room the steepest rapid on the entire river with a huge pool below to regroup, gather our thoughts and look back up at the ridiculous steepness of what we just paddled down. Then back to camp for more Chilean home cooked food.

Day 12
Today we will paddle the Bridge to Bridge section again but we will carry on all the way down to our camp site through the ultimate 2 rapid of the Futa Leufu More or Less and House Rock. These names will become obvious by the end of the day when see these rapids from the botom.

Day 13
Break camp and drive back to Chieten for our plane back to Peuto Monte followed by another meal and night in a hotel in Peuto Varis

Day 14
Fly out from Peuto monte