Matt, Cole and Tomas

July 11, 2012 by  

Paula keeping it straight on the Nevados slide

The put in for a relaxing day of play boating on the San Pedro

Tomas flying off the kicker on the Nevados

Tomas looking good off a drop on the Nevados

Another perfectly flat boof from Matt on the Llancahue

Ben coming off the kicker on the Nevados

Ben keeping it flat on the slot on the Nevados

Ben Spotting and hitting his landing on the Nevados

Cole finishing the slide backwards on the Nevados

Cole getting close to the wall on the Nevados

Cole lines up for the auto boof on the lower Palguin

Matt boofs the second drop on the upper Palguin

Matt getting his Boof on at the slot drop on the Nevados

Matt lining up to avoide the kicker on the Nevados slide

Matt looking stocked at the bottom of a drop on the Nevados

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