Ducky Trips

Another customer enjoying a ducky trip with a Kayak Chile guide keeping control at the back

Location – Rio Liucura

Difficulty – Medium

Age – 12+ years

Fitness – Medium

Experience – None

Season – September – April

Total Duration – 2 ½ – 3 hours

Duration of Activity – 1 ½ – 2 hours

Equipment Provided – Helmet, life vest, ducky, wetsuit, shoes, transportation, splash top

Equipment Needed – Towel, snack, warm non-cotton upper layer, bathing suit

Maximum Customer to Guide Ratio – 4:1

Cost – Double ducky $20.000 per person, single ducky $25.000 per person

Description of the Activity – A ducky trip is a tour down river in an inflatable kayak that is capable of holding two people, is extremely stable, safe, and allows everybody to enjoy the thrill of white water kayaking. Because the ducky kayak is inflatable one can experience the rush of a class 3 rapid with only a short period of instruction and practice at the beginning of the activity. All customers are provided with top of the line kayak equipment and supervised by certified guides.

Description of the Trip – Enjoy the thrill of the Rio Liucura in the safety of an inflatable kayak.

You will begin your trip at the Kayak Chile Shop, where you’re fitted in all of the safest top level kayaking equipment. The Kayak Chile van then brings you to the Rio Liucura, with its incredible views, and crystal clear water. Customers receive instruction on a flat part of the river, learn how to maneuver the boat, and what to do if they fall out.

After a little instruction and practice in the slow section of the river there are a few class 2-3 rapids that will help you warm up and get your adrenaline pumping. All of our customers can paddle with confidence knowing that the guide is close by keeping a watchful eye and also providing words of encouragement. Eventually you will reach the intersection of the Liucura and the powerful Rio Trancura which help to create the class 3-4 rapids, La Junta and La Liona. Finally after the excitement of the fast white water from La Junta and La Liona rapids, you will reach one last class 2-3 rapid before finishing the trip.

While winding down in the final slow section of the river one can enjoy the beauty of Northern Patagonia before the opportunity to change and then head back to the town of Pucon, in the Kayak Chile Van.

A customer and a Kayak Chile guide pull a ender in the Liucura play wave