Matt, Cole and Tomas

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Paula keeping it straight on the Nevados slide

The put in for a relaxing day of play boating on the San Pedro

Tomas flying off the kicker on the Nevados

Tomas looking good off a drop on the Nevados

Another perfectly flat boof from Matt on the Llancahue

Ben coming off the kicker on the Nevados

Ben keeping it flat on the slot on the Nevados

Ben Spotting and hitting his landing on the Nevados

Cole finishing the slide backwards on the Nevados

Cole getting close to the wall on the Nevados

Cole lines up for the auto boof on the lower Palguin

Matt boofs the second drop on the upper Palguin

Matt getting his Boof on at the slot drop on the Nevados

Matt lining up to avoide the kicker on the Nevados slide

Matt looking stocked at the bottom of a drop on the Nevados

Futa Leufu

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Owner Ben May contemplating different lines for the group from the first bridge of bridge to bridge

Relaxing around a evening camp fire in the Futa Leufu valley

Fran enjoying a afternoon run down Casa de Piedra

Dave finishing the run out of Casa de Piedra

Ben dropping into Casa de Piedra

Another amazing peak in the Futa Leufu valley

Owner Ben May practising his left blunts on the Pistola wave

Ben and Fran half way down the fist rapid of bridge to bridge


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Photos from a recent kayak surfing trip to the coast between conception and constitution.



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Photos from our recent trip to Coliumo to distribute aid from your donations.

Pucon River Fest Palguin Boater Cross

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Photos from the paqluin boater cross, all photos by Jakub Sedivy
Racers on the first drop
TC, Logan and the boys registering for the race
Evan Garcia about to land on Keagon in the Final
more racers enjoying the first drop
Old school paddler Kurt Casey learning new tricks on the slack line
Three racers coming in close on the first drop
Racing towards the second drop
tight lines on the first drop
Not such a great line from Mr Ian Garcia
and hes swimming like a carp, for this he won the swimmer of the day trophy

Pucon River Fest Slalom

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Thanks to christian for organizing a great slalom event that paddlers of all abilities enjoyed and even a few non paddlers got out on the water in the Duo as well.
Photos by Belen Paredes

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Pucon River Fest Community Raft Race

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Thanks to all who attended and all the companies who donated guides, gear, rafts, and transport. All the people in the rafts had a great time and would never normally of had a chance to get on the river.
Photos by Ben May
The companies who helped make this happen were.
Andesmar, Politur, Kayak Chile, Sol Y Nieve, Enjoy Tour, Trancura and Cascade Kayak school.

Preparing for the trip
Gearing up
Comunidad Indigena with Enjoy Tour
Municipalidad with Andesmar
Hogar Botania with Cascade kayak and raft school
Tom Long reflipping his raft after a little oops
Getting ready for a day on the river

Duo trips on the liucura

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We have now taken delivery of our fleet of dynamic duos and will are now running trips with customers on local pucon runs for more information see the duo page on our web site.
Duo Trips





BANFF film festival and DUOC outdoor show

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Palguin lodge Pics

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The Palguin kayak lodge is near completion so I thought I would post some pics of the outside still needing a few more coats of paint. But looking a lot better than before. 
A few shots of the bedrooms and bunk roomThe single bedroomThe bunk room with extra futonPictures of the new bar living and eating area.The main eating and living area Sofas and TV areaThe bar and kitchenDining table