Río Nevados

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This classic section now has wood blocking the entrance canyon. It is visible from the put-in bridge and is possible to abseil kit in below the hazard.

Upper LLancahue

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There are multiple trees down in this section now. The crux rapid under the bridge now has a tree across it so should be approached with caution, it is possible to take out just above it and walk around. The standard portage around a log jam also still remains.The triple step drop below the portage also has new wood in it and requires portaging. Still worth running but just will a involve a bit more walking.


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There are lots of trees down on the section after the waterfall so paddling out to the bridge is no longer a option.
Access from river left is no longer possible as there is a electric gate blocking the entrance so now you will need to hike in from river right through the fields.

Rio Nevados Tree

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The tree in the first canyon has now washed out but a few of the rapids have changed.

Rio San Pedro dam progress

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The work on the san pedro dam is under way and there is a court order prohibeting paddling the river.
However having spoken to the manager of the dam site he is happy for paddlers to paddle on the days they are not blasting, this information can be found at the endesa office in Pangipulli.
You will also need to register with the Pangipulli police before and after you paddle please do this on all trips and do not paddle while they are blasting and we should be able to have at least one more season on this great river.