Pucon River Fest Results

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Slalom Race

  1. Evan Garcia
  2. Aniol
  3. Mom Castillo Jara, Marcos Antonio Gallegos, Breiner Alejandro Ramirez (three way tie for third)


Boater Cross

  1. Evan Garcia
  2. Marcos Antonio Gallegos
  3. Momo Castillo Jara


Down River Race

  1. Marcos Antonio Gallegos
  2. Momo Castillo Jara
  3. Breiner Alexander Ramirez
  4. Evan Garcia
  5. Matias Maximiliano Cordero
  6. Alejandro Antonio Sepulveda
  7. Matt Whitson
  8. Matias Deferrari
  9. Luciano Paez
  10. Suen Lammlo
  11. Jorge Cardoch Bomero
  12. Morgan Heimer
  13. Jessie Rice
  14. Lauren Thomas
  15. Guillemo Walsen
  16. Fields Marshall
  17. Nina Cortes
  18. Paula Hernandez
  19. Doris Gelmes

Pucon River Fest

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Pucon River Fest





Come celebrate the annual River Festival with Kayak Chile! This year bigger than ever, hosting the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

Register every day at the Kayak Chile Shop from 10:00am-12:00pm, or once the first day. Entry for all 3 events is only 17.500.

December 13
Giant Slalom, Palguin River, 5.000 entry, 1:00pm start

December 14
Boater Cross, Palguin River, 10.000 entry, 1:00pm start

December 15
Down River, Lower Trancura River, 5.000 entry, 1:00 pm start

Banff Mountain Film Festival
Mama’s and Tapa’s
2.800 per night, 2.000 for both nights as a competitor

December 13
The Banff Mountain Films

December 14
Pucon River Film Fest